Getting ready for the event of a lifetime? Celebrating your kid’s sweet 16? Organizing your parents’ silver creative wedding photography in Melbourne? No matter what kind of occasion you are celebrating, it is essential to capture everything on camera. Photography is a field responsible for good memories. Without photography, you are less likely to remember everything. Besides, there are a lot of moments that you may not even pay attention to. Whether you have to ensure a top-notch organization or you are just a guest, you cannot distribute your attention everywhere. You risk missing some of the best moments, without gaining the opportunity to relive them. But then, here comes the big question mark. Should you hire a professional? Should you pass this task to a neighbor? How about your cousin? After all, they take great pictures during their vacation. 

When it comes to event photography, you want everything to be handled by the book. You want professionalism from all directions. The actual experience is one of those things that make the difference. There is simply nothing that can replace experience. You cannot buy it. You cannot just pick the camera, point and shoot. No matter how many pictures you take on the seaside, you cannot gain too much experience. You have to spend days, weeks and months training, only to push your limits and enhance your techniques. A photographer with a little experience might be able to come up with some decent experience in specific environments. On the other hand, an expert will be able to take photography to the next level in pretty much any scenario – including your basement.

The concentration is yet another important reason to rely on a professional in event photography. There is one major reason wherefore you hire an expert – getting the best possible pictures. In order to do it, the respective expert must pay special attention to small details. They must be aware of everything around them, including weather conditions, people or random stuff. They need to capture things that are relevant to the respective event. Hiring a less experienced individual implies taking the easy route. You save some money and you can get over this aspect a lot faster.

However, you take a few risks too. First, a newbie might miss some critical details. Second, they will not be focused round the clock. Leave this task to a relative and they will probably get distracted by all kinds of conversations and events. By comparison, a professional photographer is not there to have fun. Instead, they have to pay attention to everything and capture every moment.


Destination weddings have become very popular these days among couples in Australia. With average cost of a wedding ceremony going up to $40000, it is really a very prudent idea to go for a destination wedding that costs less and is far more romantic and exotic than marrying in the local church. Wedding photography is a crucial aspect of a destination wedding. You may have made all arrangements for your destination wedding by singing the deal with a wedding company but you still need to find a good wedding photographer in Perth to create beautiful memories of the most important day of your life.

Local photographer knows the area best
It is not possible to fly out to the place where your destination wedding is going to take place to find and book a wedding photographer. A photographer living in that area is the best bet to produce great photos during your wedding as he knows the area like the back of his hand. He knows the areas that produce best pictures and the times and settings that are not good for beautiful photographs. The best part of hiring a local photographer is that he has already worked as a professional at the venue where you are marrying and this experience comes handy when taking pictures during the event.

Finalize a local photographer after doing your homework
You need to ask for several options from your wedding company before finalizing as local photographer. You can take a look at their portfolio and previous experiences to arrive at a decision. You can even talk to several photographers and explain the kind of wedding event you have in your dreams. If you like the individual after seeing his work and talking on phone, you can hire him to work as a destination wedding photographer.

You can also take a wedding photographer along with you
If you are not comfortable with the idea of hiring a local photographer who you do not know personally, you can very well take along a photographer who is known to you. Though he may be new to the area, good thing about such an arrangement is that the photographer sees it as a challenge and full of possibilities. He knows the basics and gets a new environment that he can explore and create exciting and beautiful photographs while having fun. Explore more about wedding photography prices here.

Having a known face can be a stress buster
Having an individual known to you doing the job as a wedding photographer can be relaxing and comfortable for many brides. Weddings can be very stressful and new surroundings add to the mystery and complexity of the event. Having a friendly and smiling photographer makes you feel comfortable and you can have yourself pictured in a natural way.

Always have a single photographer to cover all the events
Some brides make the mistake to hire different individuals to cover engagement, destination wedding, and the reception. This can not only mean a difference in the style and quality of photos but also a mental stress to adjust to the demands of different individuals. Same wedding photographer covering all functions means photos appear to be in a flow with the bride looking great in all the images.