Organizing a party is not an easy task and there are so many things to look into like, food, beverages, entertainment and gifts. If one is hiring an event organizer then one doesn’t have to stress about anything but if one is going to organize it all by themselves then it is going to be quite challenging.

Always make sure the theme of the party is finalised before moving onto any other thing. Then based on the theme one could decide on the cake, food, decoration and even party cups and plates to go along with the decoration. Then he count of all the guests attending the party must be confirmed so the orders of the food and chairs could be placed but always make sure to get extra food and drinks just in case many turn up. It is always easier to have an outdoor party instead of an indoor one. As this is has more space and it is easy to manage the crowd. Once you have set your venue place the booking. Make sure to place the booking early as some venues are really hard to get

There are many ways to entertain guests in a party and the most preferred method is to have some games. Musical chairs, pillow passing, bouncer/play area, and even dance competitions or fashion shows could be organized. Extra entertainment other than games is to place a photo booth or hire a band.

If it’s a teenage party then placing a photobooth is a really good idea as many teenagers love taking pictures. Many booths also provide various props like pompoms, masks and even speech bubbles to add more spice to the picture. Usually for an adults birthday having a band would really keep the party going and instead of a band one could even hire a DJ. The following games must be organized based on the age group of people attending the event.

Toddler parties within the age group of 1-10

The main entertainment for toddlers is bouncers and play areas, so if one is having an outdoor party it can be easily arranged but if it is an indoor one then it could be placed in ones garage or garden. Water games could also be organized but someone has to be present to supervise this area as the kids can sometimes fall into and suffocate. Having a puppet show or a magician’s performance could really keep little kids entertained. It is always recommended to give loot bags with some really nice toy when the guests are leaving and this will leave a good impression on their mind and make them want to come back the next year as well.